Risk Data Aggregation (RDA)

Our 3 month process helps Bank realign their existing framework to adhere to RDA's BCBS 239 requirements. Our experts bring in years of extensive Operational Risk, IT architecture, Six sigma and quality assurance experience.

Our accomplishment

We have successfully implemented a reporting solution that has been accepted by a large European Bank. This helped the bank with its C&D initiatives, meet BOE, EPS, and PRA requirements. US Regulators endorsed the framework and independent audits within the Bank rated it as the best in class reporting framework.


We understand that Jan 1 2016 is just around the corner and our time to market is just 3 months. Within 3 months we provide you a detailed report that identifies weakness in risks, data quality improvement suggestions , accuracy/ integrity, better taxonomy, validate data, data ownership in each stage, redesign reporting architecture (if applicable)

If you would like us to implement our proposed solution and methodology, we can provide you world class resources at a reasonable cost. Please send us an email at client@sumitinc.com or call us. We would like to partner and successfully get you through this time-sensitive endeavor.