About SumIT Consulting

Ask one of our clients to describe SumIT Consulting and you'd probably get a response like this: "They're the experts in risk management consulting, data mining, big-data analytics, and innovative technology solutions. Whatever you want, they can deliver, from risk management to analytics to consulting experts." The fact is, since we were founded in the 1990s, as a privately-owned company, we have striven to meet a single performance criterion: to be the best at what we do.

Our values and beliefs

Our analysts, consultants and risk management experts have a shared mission: to deliver the highest quality business intelligence and advice to our clients in the Banking, Insurance, and Public Sector industries. Everything we do is supported by our honesty, integrity and independence. Put simply, we tell it like it is, without fear or favor. We don't have to check with a corporate parent to see if they approve or disapprove of our conclusion. You get to hear the truth and nothing but the truth. How so? Unhindered by consequences we analyze, research and implement innovative solutions because we believe it will benefit our clients, not because we think itís newsworthy or generate financial gain. And our consulting projects are run on a strictly independent basis, even if that means giving the client a difficult truth.

Our history

SumIT Consuling (SumIT Inc.) was founded in 1994 by our Chairman & CTO, Naresh Singhani. The company at the time was boutique in its consulting approach. Our chairman and CTO's single-handed core focus to implement and deliver the absolute best garnered him the U.S. Patents for his estemeed work at JPMorgan for Methods and Systems for managing risk. The solution Horizon ORM was considered the best of the breed several years running and allowed JPMorgan executives to commercialize the software to other industries. A radical departure of conservative JPMorgan Bankers to sell software! Again, his superb management and inter-personal skills allowed him to convince the Bankers to build a team and expand the focus of solution and expertise. This effort in cooperation with his manager Mr. Craig Spielmann allowed them to support 22 prestigious best in the industry Banks, Regulators and Insurance Companies. This and other successes led our chairman to expand his consulting and venture into other specialized endeavors such as: